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There’s a good chance you’re already familiar with our retail bathroom tissue brands: Green Heritage®, Harmony® and Bunnysoft®. What you may not know is that we offer customized, private-label, retail solutions in both bath tissue and kitchen towels. Our versatile recycled and virgin paper mills can create just about anything you have in mind. Whether you’re looking for a value or ultra premium tissue product, simply send us your specifications and we’ll get it done.

We offer a full line of private-label products, and we possess the ability to meet any request thanks to our multiple production methods. We are ready to bring your brand to life. Let’s make your project a reality.

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Production methods: Dry crepe technology

Dry crepe technology (DCT) is the simplest machine design, with a dry crepe machine consisting of a former, usually a suction roll and a press to dewater the sheet, and a Yankee dryer to dry the sheet. The sheet is doctored from the dryer can with a creping blade where bulk and surface properties are developed.

DCT machines are typically used to produce tissue where lower sheet caliper is necessary, achieving dense products with high sheet counts in the case of bath tissue, or high lineal feet in the case of towel rolls.

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