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Headquarters Address

3301 NW 107th Street, Miami, FL 33167




Maria Annuiti
Corporate Human Resources Manager

For Human Resource inquires: employment@resolutetissue.com

Scott Robey
Vice President, AFH Sales

Phone: 303.330.4588
Email: scott.robey@resolutetissue.com

Reda Filali
Vice President, Retail Sales

Phone: 407.461.4604
Email: reda.filali@resolutetissue.com

AFH Sales

Ken Leitz
Director, National Redistribution

Phone: 770.713.9918
Fax: 866.289.8841
Email: ken.leitz@resolutetissue.com

Gene Artz
Director, AFH Sales North

Phone: 732.539.1263
Email: gene.artz@resolutetissue.com

Frank Dillenburg
Director, AFH Sales South

Phone: 813.318.2718
Email: frank.dillenburg@resolutetissue.com

Ed Kanya
Director, AFH Sales Midwest

Phone: 317,790.5393
Email: edward.kanya@resolutetissue.com

Chris Lawless
Director, AFH Sales Southwest

Phone: 817.307.0489
Email: chris.lawless@resolutetissue.com

Retail Sales

David Calloway
Director, Retail Sales

Phone: 615.947.7987
Fax: 305.685.6714
Email: david.calloway@resolutetissue.com

Greg Englert
Director, Retail Sales

Phone: 786.479.4691
Fax: 305.685.6714
Email: greg.englert@resolutetissue.com

Michael J. Shaughnessy
Director, Retail Sales

Phone: 331.588.0006
Email: michael.shaughnessy@resolutetissue.com