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26 August | Cara | Branding, Design, Thoughts

Sushi Go: Building a Brand in Greenville

Let’s talk about building a brand. A buzzword heard throughout the marketing, corporate, and digital world. You’re constantly being told ‘to rep this brand, stay true to the company brand, build your personal brand,’ etc. but what does that mean? We’re here to break it down for you— don’t worry visuals are included. Branding 101: […]

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20 August | Cara | Branding, Design, Marketing

Lindsey Hayes: Architectural Visualization in Motion

Interview: Today we sat down with Lindsey Hayes, the Multimedia Designer for Redhype. An imposing stature is paired with a soft southern accent, and a clear authority in the field of architectural visualization. Hayes distinguishes himself from other 3D and render artists through his attention to detail, composition, dedication to reality, and most remarkably, his […]

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18 August | Cara | Branding, Design, Marketing

Meet ArcViD: Redhype’s New Brain Child

Greenville, SC— a southern city on the rise with a highly ranked downtown and a rapidly growing skyline. If you’re not from around here, you might have seen our beloved G-Vegas topping every best-of list known to man, if you are from around here, you’ve seen the construction and the apartment buildings popping up on […]

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11 November | Michael | Design, Inspiration

Icon Series

This is a series of illustrations I just finished. I was exploring a new style and and chose to feature different musicians and actors. Each piece was completed in photoshop to explore different brush styles, textures, colors and lighting.

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