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18 August | Michael | Branding, Design, Marketing

Meet ArcViD: Redhype’s New Brain Child

full service marketing and advertising agencyGreenville, SC— a southern city on the rise with a highly ranked downtown and a rapidly growing skyline. If you’re not from around here, you might have seen our beloved G-Vegas topping every best-of list known to man, if you are from around here, you’ve seen the construction and the apartment buildings popping up on every corner. If you’re a developer, chances are you’re furthering the development of this southern superstar city.

The expansion may be rapid, but for many of us, the end product is hard to see, and for developers, real estate agents, and builders, that can mean a tougher sale. With ten years of marketing and advertising experience under our belts, we recognized a need, and we sought to fill it. Meet ArcViD.

ArcViD offers comprehensive marketing and strategic solutions for the real estate & development industry, meaning we’re prepared to handle the branding, marketing, and of course those 1080p HD architectural visualizations and flythrough videos.

Having worked to brand, market, and visualize three developments, while working with major developers and real estate agencies such as RealtyLink and Coldwell Banker Caine, we know what it takes to propel a development to success.

If you’re in the real estate, development, or construction fields and ready to see strategy and conversion turn into success and a return on your investment, let’s get in touch. With advanced 3D capabilities, a full service marketing and advertising agency that is able to provide you with in-house architectural visualizations, web design and development, brand strategy, social media management, public relations, video production and photography, outbound marketing solutions, strategic media buys, digital display, and SEO and SEM services, we can provide you with everything you need to move your project from blueprint to sale.

Here at Redhype we go beyond offering you services. We offer you solutions. Our experts assess your project and determine your brand’s needs—meaning that at the end of the day we’re offering you more than a fancy website, astounding images, and well written copy, we’re offering you that ROI. We understand it’s all about the bottom line and we’re prepared to deliver.

Visit the new ArcViD website!


full service marketing and advertising agency

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