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01 July | Redhype | Thoughts

US men’s soccer team rallies behind Belgian waffle boycott

The US men’s national soccer team takes the pitch in their first knockout game against Belgium today. What’s their rallying cry? It’s no less than boycotting Belgian waffles in a “one if by syrup, two if by butter” fashion.

Among the instigators, Bojangles’ and Waffle House have taken to social media to both cheer on the most popular American soccer venture in history and push their brands.

Bojangles’ apparently just hates waffles altogether and wants to #BeatBelgiumWithBiscuits.

On the other hand, Waffle House just wants you to eat the right kind of waffles, particularly of the patriotic variety.

All this goes to show that rallying behind a motto or common interest will drive the herd, but having fun with it helps even more.

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