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18 September | Kaleb Alexander | Thoughts

3% MiniCon: Marketing to women works

Our creative assistant Lauren attended the 3% MiniCon in Atlanta last week. and wanted to share her thoughts.

The 3% MiniCon in Atlanta was about women as creative directors and marketing to women.

In 2004, a study was done showing that only 3% of creative directors were women. Since then the percentage has increased 319% to 11.5% of CD’s being women.

The main idea behind having more female Creative Directors is to keep diversity in the marketplace – both male and female working together to come up with the best marketing strategies. It keeps us (as workers in general) from working with only people that think exactly like ourselves.

Women control 73% of consumer purchasing and $20 trillion of the world’s annual consumer spending, so why don’t we market more toward women? A great example of this was given by Kat Gordon, who came up with the “Birthday Gift Test,” which asks, “Who do you ask for advice when you want to buy a woman (wife, girlfriend or friend) a gift?” You ask other women. You do not ask other men. So why not the same in marketing?

Marketing to women will not alienate men. Research shows marketing to women works because most women want more (more detailed in their wants) than men so you exceed the expectations of men. Examples given included Ikea, JiffyLube and Midas.

It was also mentioned that women are both the leading adopters of technology and largest users of social media. The only social media outlet that statistics show men use more than women is LinkedIn.

But for other outlets, Twitter is a free 24/7 focus group with the ability to offer live help and a fast way to gauge sentiment about anything and everything. Pinterest is “Visual catnip for the creative person” (No, I did not come up with that), an amazing resource for social media content, sharing unpolished depictions of women, and inspiration for campaigns.

The conference definitely sheds light on the need for diversity in the advertising world- “Mad Men” style just won’t work anymore.

Lastly, there was a “Speed Mentoring” Session featuring 20 experienced creative directors and designers (both male and female) and 20 mentees with six minutes to gain as much insight from each person as possible. It was fantastic. Something that stuck with me was from David Muhammad with Moxie, who said, “No matter what, do what you are most passionate about. It will make you happier even on the days that the workload can get you down.” He also said there is an unspoken 18-month rule. If after 18 months at a job you are not where you think you should be or you do not see growth/opportunity for growth then leave.

Amazing conference with amazing and insightful people!

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