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21 January | Kaleb Alexander | Inspiration, Thoughts

A Designer’s Take on Working at a Small Agency

Working at a Small Agency

Working at a small agency can be a wise decision for many. Small agencies serve as incubators for great talent due to the opportunities for growth, and the small agency model gives you the chance to wear multiple hats—I am a testament to this.

Working at Redhype for the past 5.5 years, I have been a graphic designer, a project manager, a marketing & media outlet researcher, an e-news letter manager, a campaign creator, a conference theme designer, a WordPress manager, a social media visual designer, a promo-girl at trade shows, an account rep, a proposal writer, an office-stocker… you get the picture. Thanks to these different hats, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more than I ever could in the same amount of time at a large agency, and that’s because small agencies are just that, they’re small. With fewer hands on deck every team member’s skillset has to go a little further.

Another reason I’m a small agency advocate is because of the opportunity to work with diverse clients and the ability to communicate directly with them versus through an account rep. Instead of working on only one account, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a range of clients, from boutiques to cosmetic surgery centers, from POS (point-of-sales) developers to photographers, from dance studios to realtors. Because of my experience working with different clients, I’ve learned that the best way to deliver a product or service is to establish a relationship with the individual(s) and that relationship is made so much easier by a small agency model.

     “Working at a small agency can be a wise decision for many.”

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, is the community of a small agency. There is a sense of family in a small agency, and when you’re surrounded by family, you’re not afraid to take risks. Ideas can be thrown around with no (or at least very little) judgment. The small agency, family atmosphere comes with a flexibility, and that flexibility leads to fresh ideas. In simple terms, when you feel like you’re around family and are in a flexible community, you tend to give a shit about what you’re doing and that leads to better work.

I say all this because I truly believe starting at a small agency has taught me enough to be confident in my next career advancement, which is serving as the Creative Director at another company. I’m not moving to another agency, but I am moving to the client-side of things. I will definitely miss working at an agency because of the diversity of client work but boy-howdy am I excited for this next step!

Here I am, signing off. Thank you Redhype for all you have taught me, and as for my Creative Director position, here I come!

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