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Marie Limnios
Hope McAlister
Michael Smith
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Marie Limnios // President & Owner

Redhype Founder. Windy City Girl. Brand Booster. Visionary Leader. Thrill Seeker. People Person. Idea Maker. Travel Junkie. Community Cultivator.

"Don't Stop Till The Job Is Done!"

What We Do

Visual Design

Creating graphics, design elements, and more for web, print, interactive, environmental and any other medium or space.

Marketing Strategy

Creating a strategic plan that propels your company to success by locating your target audience and converting them to your business.

Email Marketing

A full design and build service, from concept and campaign delivery to analytics and reporting.

Advertising Campaigns

Helping you make sense of where your money is best allocated, from media buys to value-added opportunities, to position and beyond.

Social Media

Taking you from status updates to driving revenue. We do more than manage your pages, we help you achieve results.

Web Design

We build websites using HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc., always adhering to internationally recognized W3C standards.

Public Relations

In addition to branding and design, we work with media outles to publicize your initiatives, stories, and gain authentically earned press.

Digital Buying

Helping you make sense of the digital environment in which your brand lives, and more importantly, helping you capitalize on it.

Print Design

Design and production for print collateral to support your marketing requirements.


Helping your customers relate to your product and service via a story with a solution. We use pretty words that sell, and then some.

Video Production

Video, storyboards, production and more. Creating the creative content for your brand, packaged and ready for use.

3D Design

From architectural designs, CAD models, animation and product design, we have in-house capabilities to bring your goals to life.
Our Process

Also, if you really have a really cool story to tell, that totally helps us out. Like, a lot.

People in our business like to talk about "brand stories," as if by attaching a narrative to a product or service will make it worthy of purchase; that by loaning a pretty typographic scheme or flowery backstory will somehow move products.

We're a band of like-minded specialists, applying imagination to business disciplines and solving problems of perception, design and context. Redhype is comprised of creative professionals, all working to add value for our clients by providing them with unique marketing insights and working to execute strategies across various mediums.

We like what's cool and unique about the world and about you. We like devising off-the-wall ideas. We want to find what's fascinating about you. But, really, if that doesn't suit your purpose, why would we put that on display?

Speaking of suits, we'll ask the questions they won't. If you're a banker, do you need another MBA challenging you to "think outside of the box"? Then again, if you're an art house, we'll ask if you're actually in touch with your core lines of businesses. We love our clients and we're here to serve them. And we feel that our best service to them is to place emphasis on their goals.

The moral of our "story" is that just like people, brands eventually get in where they fit in. But they need to be pushed in the right direction, at the right time. That's where we come in.

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