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21 January | Kaleb Alexander | Inspiration, Thoughts

A Designer’s Take on Working at a Small Agency

Working at a Small Agency Working at a small agency can be a wise decision for many. Small agencies serve as incubators for great talent due to the opportunities for growth, and the small agency model gives you the chance to wear multiple hats—I am a testament to this. Working at Redhype for the past […]

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25 February | Kaleb Alexander | Inspiration, Thoughts

The Usual Clients Infographic

Thought this was clever….and accurate. My favorite is “The Intruder”- “sometimes critiquing work that isn’t even ready to be seen.” Found this little gem on

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20 January | Kaleb Alexander | Inspiration

Operation Freedom Awareness

This 501(c)(3) non-profit was formed to create awareness in the U.S. and help prevent modern-slavery from becoming the number one crime in the world. January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, so I want to shed a spotlight on our client OFA Mission, the NEW Greenville-based non-profit organization, because they are trying to educate others and spread […]

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23 December | Michael | Inspiration

A very redhype Christmas

The Redhypians were asked what it was about the Christmas Holiday that they absolutely LOATHED. This is what they said: “Santa Claus. Call me a scrooge, but the rotund man coming down the chimney only encourages the already rampant materialism and consumerism in our country. No holiday should be about how much stuff you can […]

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11 November | Michael | Design, Inspiration

Icon Series

This is a series of illustrations I just finished. I was exploring a new style and and chose to feature different musicians and actors. Each piece was completed in photoshop to explore different brush styles, textures, colors and lighting.

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