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18 December | Michael | Thoughts, Writing

Say What You Mean

Copywriting for the Digital World

The adage, “content is king” still rings true. From engaging an audience to increasing SEO, content is a vital tool for the marketing and advertising industries. However, the simple producing of content isn’t enough. You have to have good content, and the key to good content is good copywriting.

Before digital media, ad campaigns relied on catchy slogans to make or break them—but copy’s come a long way from its “Mad Men” days. Copywriters used to be able to rest on their ability to craft creative slogans to find and keep jobs, but in today’s ad world, copywriting is a whole different beast. Modern copy involves more than just slogan writing, and seeks to expand a business’s client base and improve sales.

Acquiring Customers

In today’s global marketplace, impulse buyers and one-time shoppers aren’t going to foot your businesses’ bills—you need loyal customers that will continue coming back. You need customers who will serve as brand ambassadors. One way to acquire and retain customers is by gaining their trust. A trustworthy business speaks volumes in a world that paints the corporate industry as sleazy and money-obsessed. Trustworthy copy creates a credible and authoritative voice for your brand, while remaining both relatable and reliable to its consumers. By providing a trustworthy and authoritative voice that is producing engaging content, you are giving your customers a reason to continue to return to your business, be it a website or storefront. Marketing alone cannot and will not create a valuable return for your business without trustworthy copywriting.


Providing Knowledge

Sometimes a picture isn’t worth a thousand words. Copywriting is how your business informs consumers about your product—you are creating an emotional bond, a connection with a potential consumer, and you are asking them to believe your message. The copy is your opportunity to show consumers that your business understands its industry, that your expertise is credible, and that your product is worth both their time and money.

Beyond being targeted and memorable, your copy must compliment the art of your ad. Think about what happens when you take the words out of a print ad—the message can be misconstrued. Just look at this exhibition done by Hank Willis Thomas. Copywriters and art directors need to work closely in order to create successful advertisements.


Boosting SEO

What’s the point in writing something for an audience that will never read it? Because of the Internet’s enormity, writing smart is imperative. By writing smart, we mean using copy that’s both interesting and optimized for search engines. However, SEO writing can be a slippery slope. SEO words are easy to identify and they quickly become boring and redundant, meaning it’s painfully obvious when something was written just for a quick SEO boost. The best copywriters are successful because they have mastered the art of effortlessly and exciting content that boosts SEO, while avoiding the trap of sounding like a hollow sales pitch riff with keyword specific self-promotion.

Copywriting drives people to take action, whether it’s to visit a website or to buy a product or service. At Redhype we recognize this importance of copywriting and we have a team who understands how to use this tool help meet your goals, whether they be to increase brand awareness, increase your ROI, or explain your message.

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