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The most rewarding clients aren’t always the flashy ones. More often, they’re the everyday, roll-up-your-sleeves guys who make deals, build businesses and lead others.

Greg A. Lee is one of these workaday guys. A former Fortune 500 top exec and small business owner, Greg caters to both CEOs and entrepreneurs through his coaching enterprise. The problem is, there’s sometimes a wide gap between the C-suite and Main Street.

Business Discipline + Imagination

Redhype applied its creative lens to Greg Lee & Associates, relating the nuts and bolts of his GLA coaching franchise to a football playbook, and crafting a compelling presentation for a profession that’s occasionally “humdrum.” With strong calls to action, and a robust content section, the GLA website – and ongoing marketing strategy – have empowered Greg and his team to grow their business … and help others grow.

"As always, thanks for the terrific work." Greg A. Lee, Founder of Lee Coaching
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