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Strength At Hand. Success In Mind.

These days, it’s not enough to just have a good product. You gotta talk with your consumers. And walk their walk, too.

After working for seven years with Strongsuit Gloves, Redhype has helped the innovative Upstate S.C. company strengthen its image by forming bonds with its customers, and also targeting new ones. The only challenge at hand was portraying how seriously cool and tough the product is.

Direction First. Distance Secondary.

With the StrongSuit brand, strong conceptual art direction was crucial to strategy and development. Its three core lines of business – work, motorcycle and law enforcement – are performance-minded, tough, and most importantly, visually-driven.

The creative team at Redhype keeps these consumer insights in mind, as it helps StrongSuit on projects ranging from point of sales materials for Wal-Mart stores, to brochures for trade shows, to a visually arresting website and more.

"Redhype has come through again and again...the creative team at Redhype helped shape our website and collateral materials in a way that has blown our customers away. First impressions are important and Redhype has really helped us put our best foot forward with our customers again and again." Scott McDaniel, Founder of StrongSuit Gloves
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