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26 October | Michael | Branding, Marketing, Thoughts

Perimeter: Bringing Blueprints to Life

Marketing and Branding for Real Estate and Architectural Industries

Thanks to ArcViD, we’ve been busy here at the Redhype HQ. If you aren’t already familiar, ArcViD is a new department of Redhype that specializes in marketing and branding for real estate and architectural industries. ArcViD’s innovative approach to marketing and branding resulted in Perimeter teaming up with us to create a groundbreaking, multi-format campaign.

You may be asking, what makes ArcViD’s marketing strategy different from other agencies? ArcViD uses photorealistic, 3D renderings of real estate enabling the client to visualize their project before any construction has even begun. Aside from providing a sneak peak into your project, the 3D renders expertly lend themselves to marketing and promotional materials. You provide the blueprint and the creative team at ArcViD will handle the rest! Not to mention, when you partner with Redhype + ArcViD we stick with you for the entire duration of your project, from concept to pre-sale.

marketing and branding for real estate and architectural

Perimeter: A Case Study

Perimeter condominiums will be located on the corner of Rhett and Markley, conveniently nestled in Greenville’s West End. This location provides easy access to shops, restaurants, the Swamp Rabbit Trail, not to mention a plethora of downtown attractions. Perimeter will offer 70 units, characterized by chef’s kitchens, premium floors, and customizable finishes. The building’s amenities include a heated pool, rooftop lounge, on-site covered storage, an artisan café run by Due South Coffee, a massage therapist, screening rooms, and a hair and nail salon.

Perimeter came to us with the need for a fresh identity and marketing strategy and plenty of inbound and outbound materials and campaigns. The driving force behind Perimeter is the idea of  “combining metropolitan amenities with the comforts of home.” The team at ArcViD + Redhype went to work crafting the Perimeter website, ads, and experiential events with this theme in mind. The easy-to-navigate website narrates the Perimeter story, while providing 3D renders of how the space is expected to look.

marketing and branding for real estate and architectural

Redhype + ArcViD’s strategy and design create visual interest and focus on user experience when visiting the website. The website’s visuals generate a photorealistic reality and engage the viewer. The renderings place the viewer inside the space, allowing them to picture themselves living inside the Perimeter project.

But ArcViD + Redhype doesn’t stop at dynamic website design, partnering with us means obtaining solutions for all your marketing and branding needs. We handle everything in-house, from social media management to placing media buys. Speaking of media buys, take a look at some of the Perimeter ads our team created, soon to be appearing in November magazines across the Upstate.

marketing and branding for real estate and architectural

Marketing and branding for real estate and architectural industries involves dynamic web designs, media buys, social media management, and many other facets.

The simplicity and sharpness of these ads highlight Perimeter’s identity, clean, lux and simple, while allowing for multimedia use—these ads can be in magazines or appear on billboards. The ad on the left plays with the metropolitan style in a small town while the ad on the right emphasizes the architectural design.

No matter your marketing and branding for real estate and architectural needs, we’re prepared here at ArcViD + Redhype to turn your vision into a reality.

Contact us if you’re ready to see a difference in your company’s advertising and marketing efforts while obtaining that ROI. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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