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24 October | Michael | Thoughts

Real Talk: From a Current Intern to a Future Intern

Internships can offer students and recent graduates experience and knowledge unlike a classroom. As a current Redhype intern, I am here to give you some tips to guide you through a successful application. I spoke to the Redhype team and they told me what they are looking for in an intern and what they absolutely can’t stand. Using those insights, I can help shed some light on the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to applying for an internship in the hype-sphere. Because, let’s be real, applying for internships can sometimes be tiring, time-consuming, and after a few hours, they pretty much all start to blend together.

Is it RedHype, Red Hype or Red-Hype?

Let’s start with one of the most common mistakes made by applicants, misspelling the name of the company or using another company name. You only get one first impression, and if you misspell the agency’s name then you pretty much blew it. In this industry, a mistake like that can cost you your job! Misspelling the name just shows us that you didn’t take the time to look at the website. So take note, it’s Redhype. Not RedHype, not Red Hype and definitely not Red-Hype.

hype-intern-picCome Hangout With Us

Don’t be afraid to stop by before you apply and check us out! We can give you a tour of our super cool office and introduce you to everyone. We are a pretty diverse group of people with all kinds of interests. They’re looking for an intern that will fit in with the team, you’re looking for an agency where you feel comfortable, so drop-in and check us out.

What Do You Do Best?

When searching for the perfect internship everyone advices you to “stand out” and “be unique.” So how do you actually get noticed? It’s not as hard as you think, just make sure you show us what you do best! (And by us I mean Michael and Cara, because I’m the intern who doesn’t do any of the hiring). So are you a copywriter or a brilliant graphic designer? If you are applying as a copywriter, show us your skills through your cover letter. If you’re applying for a graphic design internship, make sure your portfolio is unique to your specific design skillset. (Also, if you’re attaching a pdf of your portfolio, for goodness sake make sure it’s a reduced file size. No one wants to review a portfolio that took 10 minutes to download from your email.) Speaking of which, anything you send us needs to be a pdf.

Deadlines, Deadlines, don’t miss the Deadlines!

This industry is fast-paced and all about meeting deadlines. If you miss your application deadline, we are automatically going to move on with another candidate. You also have to remember that just like you have applied for multiple internships, they have received a ton of applications for the position. Take the time to fully read over the position description and know the deadline for the application.

After reading this blog post, you are ready to apply for this internship with no rookie mistakes!

Good luck- 

From a current intern to a future intern.

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