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23 November | Michael | Marketing, Social Media

The World of Social Media Marketing

Why You Should Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing came onto the scene as fast as the latest fashion trend; and like most fashion trends, people assumed it would be a passing fad. Over the years, various platforms of social media have evolved and transformed before our eyes proving that it’s here to stay. Originally a way for people to connect online, social media’s popularity turned it into a powerful marketing tool for businesses and companies. Now, social media marketing is the next big thing and its success proves that it too is more than just a passing whim.

With social media marketing on the rise as an effective means of promotion, many advertising agencies, including us here at Redhype, have added social media management to their list of services. The obvious advantage of social media marketing is the ability for businesses to connect and converse with individuals worldwide, without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money. However, social media’s branding ability and benefits may not be that obvious, and that’s what we’re going to discuss. Let’s talk about how using social media can improve your business, and more importantly, your businesses’ brand.

Increased Brand Recognition

The more you saturate the market with your brand, the more recognizable your brand will be. However, the money for billboards, print ads, commercials, etc., can add up quickly. Using social media marketing as a way to saturate the market will not only save you dollars, it will make your brand more accessible, especially to new customers. And, because of the intimate nature of social media, your brand will become more familiar and recognizable for existing customers. An active social media is important to maintain brand recognition, maintaining posts on a weekly, or even daily basis will preserve a strong presence on your customers’ social media feeds.

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Increased Brand Loyalty

As previously mentioned, social media outlets are very personal, making them one of the best way to connect with and get to know your customers. This will build brand loyalty and will in turn keep customers coming back. People like interacting and doing business with humans instead of companies, and social media provides brands with the opportunity to act like people. Loyalty will build when your brand is perceived as having a human element through regular, social interactions with customers, such as replying to a tweet, or a re-blogging a customer photo.

Better Insight Into Your Brand

People love voicing their opinions— both good and bad. Many users turn to social media to provide reviews on products and companies. Even a bad review can benefit a company, because it provides information on what needs to be improved. Social media marketing is the best way to gain insight on a brand by monitoring customer comments and reviews. You then have the ability to immediately reply to customer concerns to show that problems will be addressed and handled first hand.

Increased Opportunities For Conversion

It’s safe to say that the main goal of most businesses is to increase sales and beat their competitors, and high conversion rates are a clear indicator of success. Social media marketing opens the door to increased opportunities for conversion. The ability to interact on a personal level with new, old, and potential customers increases the likelihood of converting a potential customer into a paying customer. Every post made on a social media channel increases brand awareness and opens an opportunity for securing new clients and increasing a brands website traffic—can you say hello to an easy SEO boost? Speaking of which…

Increased SEO

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo use social media presence as a key factor in calculating their rankings. The bigger your social media presence, the higher up your company’s website will appear in search results. If this isn’t motivation to up your social media game, then what is?

With a huge number of users, social media offers brands one of the easiest ways to reach consumers and effectively interact and market to them. Although it may seem simple to publish a few posts here and there, having a well-planned social media marketing campaign and strategy is imperative to gain optimal results.

Here at Redhype, social media marketing is something we pay attention to, for our clients, and ourselves. We recognize the importance of a strong social media presence and we are dedicated to delivering the right campaign that will fit your marketing needs. Let us manage your social media so you can focus on your business strategies. Contact us to get your conversion campaign started today!

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