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15 July | Marie Limnios | Branding, Marketing

Why Storytelling is Vital to the Success of your Brand

What is the value of a compelling story? Our brains process information through narratives, so it’s only human nature to find common ground through a story. In the world of marketing, brands that can successfully paint a picture of who they are, are more likely to gain a long-term and loyal customer base. A story is even more valuable when an emotional relationship is established.

This emotional branding begins with a narrative that resonates with a person’s morals or beliefs. It’s important to remember that the first rule in conveying a message that is holistic, touching, and leaves the consumer wanting more is to be truthful. Storytelling, in the business sense, isn’t about making up a false narrative in order to produce revenue–it’s about telling the truth about your services in an enticing and real way. If there’s no truth to your message, you’ll only be left with unsatisfied customers and the reputation that you can’t deliver.

The second rule to remember is to include how your brand or product can alter the lives of those using it. Be clear and original. Inauthentic content is shut down so quickly, especially in this day-in-age, that it’s important for your content to be yours and yours only.

How will your product or service add value to people’s lives?

Open a narrative. Incite emotions! Include characters using your product or services with personalities and back- stories that people want to root for. Good-hearted humor never hurts, either!

Consumers also sniff out the question ‘Who are you trying to help? The consumer or yourselves?’

The consumer needs to see that it’s about them and not you. Tell your story; but tell them why it’s more for them than for you. Share how when it does benefit you, what you’ll do with what they give you (i.e. donations to charity, recyclable content, more efficient manufacturing, etc.).

This type of strategy makes the consumer feel OK about spending an extra buck or two. I know it works on me! A few of my favorite brands, like Patagonia or Cliff Bar & Company, have not only great stories but also are publicly socially responsible. Although pricey, I see the impact they’re having on the world around me and in my eyes, it’s worth it.

A story is malleable enough to be told through virtually any medium, as well; blogs, print, film, social channels, multimedia, you name it. Dialogue isn’t a necessity, either! Check out this LEGO ad;

Overall, the ultimate goal is to gain loyal customers. If your brand establishes a truth that resonates with its target market and demonstrates how it adds value to the lives of the consumer, then you’ve discovered the value of a compelling story.


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