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30 January | Kaleb Alexander | Thoughts

Super Bowl XLIX


Are you all sick of hearing about Deflate Gate? I know I am! But Rob Finnerty absolutely destroys the topic:

So Tom Brady likes his footballs slightly under-inflated, so what? Who cares? Aaron Rodgers likes his footballs over-inflated, Brad Johnson paid someone to doctor his footballs before winning Super Bowl XXXVII. They all “tinker” with the footballs. “This is a media-created, Indianapolis Colt’s created, crying over spilt milk fiasco at the highest level. It’s jealousy, it’s envy.”

So enough about air in a pigskin.

Super Bowl XLIX will be AMAZING! The Seahawks (who definitely earned their spot in the Super Bowl with that win against Green Bay) and the Patriots are two great teams.

I personally like both teams so I will not be disappointed too very much if the Seahawks win, but I will be pulling for the Pats and wearing my Gronk jersey – after all, Gronkowski did do a photo shoot with kittens so how can you not like him! (Maybe that’s just me…)

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