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26 August | Michael | Branding, Design, Thoughts

Sushi Go: Building a Brand in Greenville

Let’s talk about building a brand. A buzzword heard throughout the marketing, corporate, and digital world. You’re constantly being told ‘to rep this brand, stay true to the company brand, build your personal brand,’ etc. but what does that mean? We’re here to break it down for you— don’t worry visuals are included.

Branding 101: your brand is your promise. Your brand tells your customers what they can expect from your product or service, and it also sets you apart from the competition. Your brand is encompassed by everything you put out, from your logo to your website, to your packaging and promotional materials.

While we could go on and on about this, here at Redhype we like to show, not tell; so, here is a local case study about building a brand in Greenville.


Take our client, SUSHI GO as an example. Listed in USA Today’s top 5 “Best Value Restaurants in Greenville,” SUSHI GO offers great value and quality, all from their stellar Main Street location.

However, the brand needed a breath of fresh air. A change in ownership resulted in the need for a new brand. The new owner wanted a name, a logo, and a brand that reflected his ideals and commitment to quality food and service, all while staying dedicated to an authentic taste of Japanese cuisine.

To engineer this re-brand we started with the basics. First things first, naming. The restaurant, formerly known as SUSHI Koji, became SUSHI GO—derived from the new owner’s surname, Godo.

From there our team of designers went to work crafting a new logo. The client had specified the want to include the word “GO” along with his last name, represented by the Japanese symbol in the center of the logo. He had also wanted the logo to resemble a fish, offering an immediate visual connection with both Japan and sushi.

Sushi Go: Building a Brand in Greenville

While a logo is an integral part of a brand, it doesn’t complete the branding experience. A brand lives and breathes and has to have the same feeling no matter the medium. The brand has to maintain the same consistent message.

To continue the branding experience we set our creative team to work on the menu, to continue the restaurant’s updated design.

Brooks Brackett, our lead graphic designer, spearheaded the menu design. When asked how he continued with the new logo’s contemporary, Japanese aesthetic he said, “I made sure to incorporate a hand drawn type that referenced the logo, while paying homage to the longstanding tradition of Japanese calligraphy. It was important to the client to maintain authenticity, and I tried to respect that with the creation of the menu.”

Sushi Go: Building a Brand in Greenville

In addition the typeface, Brooks worked to weave in circular imagery, which was dually representative of the shape of a sushi roll and the scales of a fish. He made sure to keep the imagery subtle, allowing the logo and typeface to shine.

While these are just two small components of branding, the amount of care put into each item showcases how much work goes into building a brand. It’s no easy process, but when you’re done the product will truly speak for itself.

If you’re interested in building a brand from the ground up, or looking to re-brand, let’s get in touch.

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