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30 October | Michael | Marketing, Thoughts

The Power of Marketing: A Case Study

NEXT Greenville and the Power of Marketing

Have you given much thought to the definition of marketing? Marketing is an umbrella term that is often tied to branding and advertising, all of which work together for a specific service or product. Your brand is your promise, but your promise is useless if it falls on deaf ears—this is where the power of marketing steps up to the plate.

Do you prefer to shop at Walgreens or CVS? Both stores offer similar products and services, but you probably find yourself shopping at one over the other. Perhaps one store has a rewards program that you prefer. Maybe a particular advertisement caught your eye years ago, and you’ve simply shopped at that store since then. You were swayed to build a preference towards particular stores due to some point of contact in the past. This is the power of marketing.

Marketing can encompass advertisements, customer service, an easily navigable website, the look of a product, and perhaps even the smell of store (think about your favorite soap or candle store). Marketing brings customers into contact with your brand, creates a favorable experience for them, which then creates brand loyalty and a positive reputation.

power of marketing

Now, how do you go about marketing something? Perhaps you’re trying to market a new idea or concept that is unfamiliar to the general public. Let’s take a look at a marketing case study with NEXT Innovation Centers in Greenville.

NEXT provides Innovation Centers—facilities where local businesses, startups and entrepreneurs are able to work under the same roof to build a strong, supportive technological ecosystem. NEXT caters towards risk takers, pioneers, innovators and creators. Their programs and services are designed to give a competitive advantage to such companies and ventures. NEXT decided that they would build one of their centers in Downtown Greenville, because of the strong impact the city has made in Upstate, South Carolina.

We wanted to pair the unique branding and ideas of NEXT with equally unique marketing, even though we were working with a traditional marketing medium—a brochure.

This brings us to the question—what makes you pick up a brochure and read it? How can we use the power of marketing in this in this situation? Usually, a catchy image or an interesting title are used. However, keeping with the idea of uniqueness and innovation, we found that texture could also be a way to gain the attention of a prospective reader.

The die cut holes on the front and back covers of the booklet provide both a physically and aesthetically interesting feature. These die cut holes provide a tiny glimpse of what’s underneath the cover. The brochure itself was crafted with NEXT in mind. The design replicates the exterior of the building on University Ridge. This detail carries NEXT’s branding into the marketing pieces, further solidifying brand identity and continuity.

power of marketing

When opening the brochure, one will find that it is akin to a booklet—a booklet that is less about marketing an idea and more about praising the community and culture of Greenville as it continues to grow. NEXT wanted to show the strength of this city, which required the NEXT brand to expand into multiple locations. In order to grab the attention of someone reading the brochure, NEXT wanted a call to action that best represents their own and Greenville’s goals.

The call to action presents an opportunity for the innovators and entrepreneurs in Greenville to push forward to the next level in our community. The community will create strong, influential technology and science based businesses that will improve the future of the area as whole. The key to this call to action is the presentation of a holistic idea built on the pride of the local community, as opposed to trying to outright sell a service or product.

This is the kind of well thought out marketing Redhype not only strives for, but executes, ultimately helping all of our clients succeed in their ventures. To learn more about the power of marketing strategies or building a brand, please feel free to give us a call—we’d love to hear from you.

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