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15 June | Marie Limnios | Branding, Thoughts

Top 5 Reasons why a Unique Branding Strategy is Important

Why You Should Develop A Unique Branding Strategy

Having a unique branding strategy will carry you forward into the future, both in the global market and on the local level. Let’s face it, there are a lot of cheap, fast logo creation resources out there, and it’s tempting to use those services. However, that’s while it may be easy, it’s not the best idea. Why is it a bad idea? By using said services, you are not creating a finely tuned, unique, brand image that was crafted with the knowledge and care needed for a successful business. You’re more than likely choosing a logo piecemealed from all corners of the Internet, using a logo that is not actually very unique. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the top five reasons why you should be developing a unique branding strategy.

#5 – Have a Clear Purpose

Any business specialist will tell you that having a clearly defined goal and purpose is a key to success. We’ve talked before about how your brand is your promise to your customers. But your brand also represents your ethos, your history, your planned future, and your business’s value. A hastily thrown together logo does not carry any of these components, and can end up damaging your image and business value. However, a logo is not enough to build a brand. A brand encompasses the entire spectrum of advertisements, websites, products, packaging, and even a storefront. A strong, recognizable brand (Apple for example) that is built on strict brand standards has far more purpose and value than a generic, five dollar logo.

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#4 – A Brand That Works Everywhere

So, you’ve put together a nice looking logo… on your computer screen. How does it look on your business card? A billboard? An obscure black and white document? Logos and subsequent branding have to be able to work across multiple mediums and technology platforms, while looking good at all times. Every beginning designer has learned that, while his or her logo looks great in one particular setting, it can easily look not so great in another. Sometimes the imagery associated with a logo will distort it and make it look bad. A cheaply assembled logo with no brand standards is doomed to fail when trying to compete with businesses that have a unique branding strategy.


#3 – You Are Not a Designer

I know. You don’t want to hear this, but tough love is the best love right? Do you know if the text in your logo is kerned correctly? Are you aware of how your logo mark is balanced with the text? Have you noticed that your logo closely resembles the competition? Is your logo flexible? Is it consistent across all mediums? Not everyone is able to discern these things—in fact, the people who are able to do so have spent years in the design industry. I mean hey, if you’re our accountant, we won’t tell you how to do our taxes, so to speak. The art of catching a person’s attention through visual mediums, holding said attention, and sending a message within a split second takes years of dedicated practice and learning to master. A unique branding strategy will be scrutinized and perfected by the designers creating it.


#2 – A Good Brand is A Trusted Brand

What brands to you trust? Nike, Campbell, Sony, Apple—do you trust these brands? Most likely you do, if not you’re probably aware that a sizable portion of the population trusts these brands. The branding associated with these well-known names were carefully crafted and subsequently hold a lot of value. These brands are unique, designed well, and are used in highly strategic marketing. Do you trust products made by companies with poor branding? Products with generic, inconsistent, poorly designed logos give a sense of distrust. These are off-brand products and services that are considered inferior and cheaply made. A well designed, unique branding strategy will build a strong sense of trust with your clients and will make you stand out among the competition. You’re building your loyalty, your equity, and your market value. So, I ask you, do you want to be the name-brand or an off-brand.


#1 – You Are Now Competitive

There are a lot of logos out there. Like, a lot, a lot. If you’ve driven down Woodruff road here in Greenville, you know what it’s like to be bombarded by logos and businesses. How do you plan on standing out on that road, let alone amongst the massive amount of information being consumed these days? The logo designed by your cousin’s friend’s sister is not going to cut it in today’s market. However, a professional logo, backed up by a unique branding strategy, will stand up to all levels of competition for years to come.

Sushi Go: Building a Brand in Greenville

If you’re ready to take the next step in building your own, unique branding strategy, Redhype is here to work with you. We’ve given numerous local and national businesses the level of strategic branding they need to compete in today’s markets, and we’re ready to do the same for you.

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