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The paradigm has shifted. What was once a guarded trade secret, an illegal spirit made and paid for in blood, sweat and tears, had now become a commodity governed by the state.

That was the problem when Dark Corner came to us — how do you retain credibility in the moonshine business while hawking merch online? The solution was to present the product exactly as it was made, as a craft spirit with an outlaw history, now regulated by the state and available by the batch.


It’s pretty common to draw by hand when marketing a rustic product, embellishing the craftsmanship through design. That said, it’s tough not to come off as campy.

To ensure the integrity of Dark Corner’s signature spirit, we keep things simple with the packaging and website – no frills, a little gritty, but refined with a bit of the underbelly that makes the distillery authentic.

So, how’d it all come off? Clean and pure, but spiced and charred appropriately – kinda like white lightnin’ itself.

"We’ve throughly enjoyed working with Redhype to develop our brand image. They have the ability and expertise to handle an array of projects, big or small." Joe Fenten, Owner, Dark Corner Distillery
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