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Accelerating Invention.

When you’re a part of the most rapidly growing field, you have to set yourself apart. These days, having a top-notch product isn’t enough—the world has got to know.

Working with Aerotage for the past five years has taught us that the aerospace industry is constantly changing, and requires materials that are as up-to-date as the field. Redhype has worked with Aerotage from the ground up, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Innovative. Tech Driven. Relevant.

Here at Redhype we understand that the moment you stop making it new, you’re no longer relevant. This statement rings true in technology and marketing, and when Aerotage came to us with the expectation that we’d continue to create innovative materials alongside their invention, we said yes. From branding and logo, to website and print collateral, into new company ventures, we’ve got aerospace covered.

"Redhype has been a great partner. From brand development and strategy, targeted messaging, outstanding creative, and customer service, Redhype has been key in helping Aerotage soar to new heights." Brad Hardwick, President and Co-Founder, Aerotage
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