Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing

Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing

Old Friends. New Benefits.

Tuffaloy has supplied the resistance welding industry for nearly a century, and we’re proud to support them as our client. So when they came to us with the idea for starting a new company, we were totally on board. Tuffaloy’s new brand – Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing – provides custom machining on a larger scale, specializing in Swiss turning and cold forming techniques with red and yellow metals. Since involving RCMA, Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing has seen benefits from ad campaigns, marketing strategies, and full brand development. But it didn’t all happen at once.

2020 – Present


  • Branding & Identity
  • Collateral & Stationery
  • Web Design
  • Search Advertising
  • Analytics
  • Trade Show Design
  • Video Production
  • Product Photography

Problems & Solutions

Opportunity Born Out Of Hardship

As the Covid-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on all industries in 2020, an opportunity presented itself for Tuffaloy. While normally focused on manufacturing resistance welding supplies, they found extra capacity for Swiss turning and cold forming processes used for machining large runs of small parts. To capitalize on this, Tuffaloy wanted to create a new company specializing in these areas. But they lacked the capability to accomplish such a task internally. They needed a brand identity, a website, stationery, and so much more. Enter RCMA!

tuffaloy precision manufacturing mobile web mockup 2
tuffaloy precision manufacturing mobile web mockup 3
tuffaloy precision manufacturing mobile web mockup 1

New Brand = New Potential

The new company idea was an exciting opportunity for us to help Tuffaloy build an entire brand experience. We provided everything they needed to launch Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing, including brand identity development, sales collateral, web design, marketing strategy, video production, ad creative, and copywriting. These components are necessities for launching a new brand and we’re honored that Tuffaloy trusted us to take on the project.

tuffaloy precision manufacturing website mockup


Increasing Awareness & Generating Leads

Once the brand was established, we needed to let people know about it. The solution was two fold: a trade show booth design for brand awareness and a search advertising campaign for lead generation. The trade show design featured all of the new branding including colors, messaging, and a custom video loop. Search advertising gave us the unique opportunity to capture leads who were actively searching for services that Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing provides. We reached an average conversion rate of 14%, more than doubling the industry benchmark average at the time.

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Final Thoughts

Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing, Primed For Growth

It’s always challenging to whittle down different problems into a single solution package, but it’s not impossible. Tuffaloy came to us with unique challenges and we answered the call like any helpful friend would. Now, more people have heard of their trust and authority, and they’re prepared to strategically meet the needs of new leads and potential customers. This is just a taste of success for these companies. New challenges lay ahead, and we’ve never been ones to shy away from a good challenge.



For more information about Tuffaloy Precision Manufacturing, visit their website.

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