Volvo Construction Equipment

Volvo Construction Equipment

Redesigning An Industry Giant

The Volvo Group needs no introduction, and we had the pleasure of working with their brand Volvo Construction Equipment. After being referred by our other client – CAT – we entered the national RFP process for Volvo. They needed a blog redesign, and we were able to help them with this along with a few added benefits.

2019 – Present


  • Web Design & Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Custom-coded Web Tools
  • Analytics
  • SEO


Limited Blog & Limited Leads

Volvo Construction Equipment already had a blog, but it was developed with many limitations. In its past state, the blog couldn’t be used for things a blog should be used for, such as lead generation and SEO. Volvo CE was looking for technical enhancements that could increase the success of the site. We gave them many suggestions and ultimately ended up with a complete redesign of the blog.


A Complete Redesign With A Few Perks

Before diving into the design process, we conducted an audit. From this audit we provided a list of recommendations including SEO improvements, additional sections, interactive media, and lead generation call-to-action popups. We started by redesigning the look and feel of the blog to enhance the user experience, such as adding new sections and reorganizing content. Then, we improved the lead generation by adding popups with various value offerings for the reader. For interactive media, we built a custom-coded calculator for purchasing construction machines, something this particular industry finds highly valuable.



Calculating Value

The calculators are a standout feature of the blog. Our development team created 3 advanced, custom-coded calculators to be placed in a “Tools” area on the blog website. They included a financial calculator, affordability calculator, and a total cost of ownership calculator. Calculation tools like this are highly valuable to people in this particular industry, and we just love a good opportunity to be helpful.


Better Engagement For More Leads

The new blog now provides users with a better experience to enhance their time spent on the site. The popups tied to email capture enables marketing automation for lead generation. The calculator is more complex and in-depth than what can be found on competitor sites, giving users a reason to use Volvo’s site instead. Overall, this results in better engagement of the blog, better informed readers, and better branding for Volvo Construction Equipment.



Volvo Construction Equipment: Not Just A Blog

The redesign quickly grew from a simple request into a more ambitious goal, and the project became better because of it. With the importance of content marketing and the resurgence of professional blogging, improving this blog was synonymous with improving Volvo’s business. We’re honored to be a part of the Volvo CE team and thankful for the opportunity to help them with this challenge. 



For more information on Volvo Construction Equipment, visit their website.

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